23 July 2010

time spirit

I have decided to post some stories from the "news" from time to time in order to get the spirit of what impressed me newswise - as an anchor to touch base more easily when reading back here in years to come.

And so this week two stories stuck with me. The first of Betty White who, at the age of 88 is enjoying fame renewed. I am very much struggling with the concept of age and what she said - (which comes down to these words) "it's strange, in one's 50s one does everything to hide one's age and now that i'm in my late 80s i'm bragging about it" - sounded both hopeful, humor and describing the insane reality to me....
She's the only survivor of the Golden Girls. A program I thoroughly enjoyed watching at the time (and still, via youtube).

The other is that Boney M had a concert in Ramallah. When I first came to Israel in the 70s Boney M was one of the first concerts I was taken to by my future ex and circle of friends. It was held in a huge stadium and I vividly remember that evening. When you hear "Palestinian Territories" your thoughts automatically go to war-ridden country. But to see this makes me feel good. It's like that time I wrote about above when i just came to Israel and thought nobody in their right state of mind would ever BUY a home here because in a country in war that home would be put to ashes in no time anyway. And then I saw Boney M and realized also that even more people in Israel used to buy homes than I was used to see in the Netherlands. Impressions I ha(ve)d and reality that is developing and not resembling those impressions at all...


  1. R, you should not be this negative about your age, yesterday you found yourself a curl, who knows what the future will bring more.

  2. Hahahaah Im not negative about it. I fail to digest it - it confuses me. I mean, I am still me - when I was child, teenager, adult and now granny. Nothing has changed in me - just the accompanying numbers (age) keep on placing me in different zones of the lifetime.