10 July 2010

Life's a rocking chair

Well, at least for me. That's the conclusion I've come to... New developments in the field of finance make me feel insecure again. Not that I should be. I should already be receiving the monies I have a right to and the courts appointed to me. It's only that dealing with courts here in Israel can takes years and thus the practical execution of their verdicts as well...

Today I started out at 05:00 a.m. exactly. I got fed-up with my lazy me and also with this heat (or rather humidity in the air) that destroys everything that pleasurable to do outdoors :( I got back at 10:30 a.m. and it was unbearable already. Like a damp blanket smothered me (and Klaas also suffered).

Tho I did walk all the way up to the Nemaal I didn't take photos of the sea. Don't know why...

The first two photos are from the park. Especially that golden bath directed to me by the rays of the upcoming sun while standing under the bridge were a moment of total indulgence, so exhilarating...

At the Nemaal there was this photo exhibition:

and this photo:

had a question attached to it:

I found it so touching because so very basic.... I mean that's the question upon which basis one has a right to live in a home or not, no? Until............ you grow up and and know that grown-ups are manipulative and money and politics is the name of the game.

I found this ant on the balustrade under a bridge crossing the Yarkon. He or she was so terribly busy carrying this piece of bread or dough (couldn't see what it was) around that is was simply endearing the see.. and so I snapped a photo of it ;) I like the shades of color:

These teenage-fish were sticking their mouths out of the water simultaneously all the time. It was so funny to see. As if they had rehearsed it :D

This photo is of last week when I went walking the park with daughter and grand-daughter. I have a 'thing' with dragonflies. Their wings are so terribly delicate and gorgeous - especially when the sun reflects its rays on them...

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