21 July 2010

Getting curly

Yesterday morning I woke up and when brushing my teeth I saw in the mirror over my sink that I had a CURL in my hair. I was close to ecstatic. As most people having had sleek, straight hair all their lives I always was dying to have curls or at least some waves in my hair. I didn't let this moment of 'victory' pass me by without memorializing it - in the form of a photo - so I can relish on it in the future :D

Btw: I didn't brush my hair all day (afraid the curl would vanish), hahahaha.


I met the English teacher again in the park after I had set out real early in the morning yesterday. Her photos of nature are of more quality than mine :( Her camera is better I suppose. It's a Canon sx200is. Mine is way inferior to hers. We took photos of the same things and hers came out 'normal' while mine were blurred :(

Anyway.... I still like to place some here for the sake of remembering this (umpteenth) time of pure bliss when feeling one with nature (the tiny little bit of nature in this urban war zone).

One of the dragonflies that liked to accompany Klaas closely while walking through the field leading towards the pond. There must be two kinds of dragonflies. I think. This one doesn't resemble the ones I snapped photos of before....


These trees are giving the feeling one is going through a royal gate when crossing the road on Abba Hillel. The photo is overlighted but that turns out the way I like it best in this case. I do not always like conventional, precisely accurate photos. There's a sense of art perhaps when not copying reality exactly.


This is the bird I took a photograph of earlier and thought perhaps it was a "runaway" (escaped from a cage of some owner). However Teacherwoman said he was around always at the same spot so perhaps it's a natural wild bird anyway - because else he would not really survive, no? I have no clue as to the name of this bird...


Yesh!!! I got to see a frog (finally) and snap a photo of it. But....... of course my camera spoiled it all by coming out blurry and grained and underlighted. Stupid camera.


Teacherwoman was throwing bread at the bird and the catfish thought it was for them and they came out of the water and took the bread from the land.


Hoopoes were all over.



  1. The quality of the camera is not relevant, if you stick to the manual you get the same superb quality like your former pictures.

    What camera do you use?

  2. i didn't stick to the manual before either and still those photos were better than the ones i'm snapping now. can a camera grow old and useless?

  3. A camera does not get old in the sense of us humans, seen to the above picture of the Hoepoo's you have used the wrong asa/iso, there is far to much noise.

    If put on automatic, this not allway means to get a perfect picture, noon is my worst moment, te light is too hard.