16 July 2011

limping around

the pain in my leg/hip (that I have caused myself though I wasn't aware of it at the time) doesn't want to leave me. yesterday while taking klaas out I crumpled from pain but... I just couldn't let this Shabbat pass me by without finally making photos (with the new camera) and so...

I left around 10 orso and walked for about 5 solid hours. I took a chance because if the pain would hit me while being far away I would have to limp my way back home. but luckily -while taking great care to make no 'out of the ordinary' movements- the pain didn't come through and I thoroughly enjoyed my Shabbat and am rather 'proud' at the photos I took (for the first time around in a serious manner on a SLR camera).

Here they come:

THE INTRA-VENOUS (not his real name but it sounds like it) BATHING:

TWO PARROTS (I don't know what I done with the lighting on this photo and it's probably totally unprofessional but... I really like it this way)

BIRD FIGHT - they had this very loud fight going on. I know one of them is an Egret but the other one is some kind of other herron I think:


15 July 2011



14 July 2011

B-A-C-K. . .

with a new camera :-)
And, a very sophisticated one at that :-)

I still have a whole lot to learn about this camera and -for a change, because age(ing) probably makes people, or at least me, more patient- I am looking forward to discovering this newly required friend :-)

The first few test photos are here. One of the Egret I took last Sunday when walking to the Duck's Pond with my son and this bird sitting at least 50 meters away from me:


(A distance my old camera -but not forgotten friend- could never bridge and make such a precise photo)

And then tonight.... The day before yesterday I took some shots of the almost full moon which completely failed. So, today I tried again and set the function button to manual. I had no idea really of what aperture and shutter mode to set it on but I tried and I think I made some progress. This is tonights moon, partially obscured by a cable that was hanging in the street:


And then this 'thing' that sits on the wall next to me when sitting near the pc. I couldn't figure out what it was while seeing it with the naked eye, but zooming in with my new friend makes it all clear:


It has been sitting there for some 3 days and thus is quite dead. Unfortunately....