31 August 2010

E-mail to the prime-minister (Nethanyahu)

I've sent the following mail to our prime-minister. I hope he will pay attention to it, tho I am quite sure his employees (who are reading those mails) won't even forward it to him. It's very frustrating to 'know' something and not get it through to the person who should also know about it....

שלום רב,
אני כל הזמן לא מבינה למה לא מביאים את גלעד שליט הביתה.
המשפט כל כך פשוט על העניין הזה- ראה את רמב"מ (על מה כמעט כל לימודי המשפט מבוססים בכל העולם).
"יותר טוב ויותר רצוי לפטור אלף חוטאים מלהרוג נקי אחד ביום מהימים."
הפחתי את זה לכותרת הבלוג שלי
כי זה ממש לא יאומן איך דיבורים וטילטולים סביב הנחייה משפטית כה ברור יכולים לשרת ראש הממשלה במקרה הרע ולבלבל אותו במקרה הטוב.

אני מקווה שתקחו אותי ברצינות. אין לי שום עניין או קשר במקרה הספציפית הזה אחרת מלהיות המום מהעיוורון להגיע להחלטה עמיצה לפי המשפט העיברי.

בתודה על ההקשבה,


This once was a tree. From the remnants a new 'life' (though it looks quite dry and dead) is growing. To me it is as if nature is saying "you wanna destroy me? - I will keep fighting till the end".
(I'm on nature's side)


20 August 2010


This is the most resembling photo of the feeling I had when visiting Tsfat last week. The delicately nuanced layers of colors coloring the skies and land - and at a certain point making me unsure of knowing what was land and what were the skies. It had a very mystic effect on me.. like a huge big magnet it was delighting to get sucked away in and let my spirit go free ....


OK. some more. perhaps there's a difference in watching these photos at the monitor:



19 August 2010


I am attracted to tangible things. I feel connection or disgust from tangible things. I still have to digest and find a way to feel love for something or Someone who's not tangibly around. Love for words written in an ancient book and not to what the feelings in my heart tell me to love.

This is a strange post but to me it makes sense. Now I just have to try to find a way to that love in Someone that isn't tangible though hiding in the corners of my heart and directing me without specializing I have to bow and admire Him.

It's not easy to keep listening to my heart when feelings for tangible people whom I care about more than anything else on this world and beyond are loving this Someone, whom I can't see with the same eyes they see Him....

18 August 2010


pictures.... explanation later...













07 August 2010

Too hot and humid to enjoy the outdoors tho i hate the "indoors".

Organizing and cleaning the shelves that hadn't been cleaned for over a year or more at the entrance of the apartment today.. ever since i rented this apt which hasn't been - isn't - and won't be- my home, but still is better than feeling an enemy within my own home. At those shelves many memoriables are exhibited. Of times passed and gone by (and not even consciously experienced) by me. Previously stored on a shelf within (what I thought was) MY cupboard, waiting to be exposed when happier times would be here.

(those times didn't come - instead the bad times became worse)

It (the cleaning) took a long time. But it's clean now.
The superficial coating has been cleaned. Again.

And then -by coincidence - or does coincidence exist? - stumbled upon Rod Stewart - and the songs that accompanied me during my entry into Israel and what I then thought were more important than anything else in my life: the 'love of my life'

I don't wanna talk about it ( which was pretty much the stance i took that time trying to avoid having to face reality)

and, of course, sailing, because sailing was the song that my "sweetheart" sang on the night I thought I had met my happiness (instead of my defeat into hell)

05 August 2010


I got an oily spot (or so it seems) on whatever part in my camera it is that collects the images and processes them. Every photo shows a vague spot on them ...

Had a very nice, interesting, heartwarming, busy but also tiring weekend and week. Son came over from Safed and straight after the weekend daughter (and of course my oogappeltje, my granddaughter) decided to make my home their home - and of course I'm very happy because of that (mi casa es su casa is a true principle when it concerns my children of course)


in order to unwind I discovered I do need some solitary time in where to relax. I wouldn't want such time to last for long - but at certain times a place to be with only myself has become a necessity. Isn't it strange how life can take people to places one would never had expeced one would want to end up at? (I NEVER, EVER wanted to be 'alone' -perhaps that's why I also endured a very unhappy marriage for such a long time- I was so very much afraid of it - and now I need it, for a short period of time, in order to fuel up again)

I can be me the best when I am with me.

Last Shabat I walked (real late in the morning) to the Goose-pound. Sat down on a bench under a tree while no people were around at all - must be due to the heat beause usually the Goose pound is swamped with people on Shabats. Anyway... as I was sitting there I noticed the Muskusrat (or whatever creature it is that I know for so many years swimming around in the Yarkon river) only... he seemed very shy - all of a sudden. At a certain point I saw his little head staring at me from some 1-and-a-half meters away from me in the water. He then dove off...

But, as luck would have it he came back. Was very curious himself as well about me I suppose and he emerged about a meter away from me at the surface of the water to have a closer look at me and then............

I saw it wasn't the muskusrat (or whatever) at all. It was a soft shelled turtle (having been on the verge of extinction in Israel some years ago due to water pollution in this country that's money-crazy enough to have total disregard of nature).

I also saw some other magnificent things (a tiny broken and hollow egg that must have been the dinner of some kind of animal that made it his prey) but since my camera decided on disappointing me constantly there's no real good photo of that (and others) one.
This photo perhaps is reasonable.

I wish 'fate' would place me in the path of Eyal Bar-Tov - a person I admire hugely - and have him teach me how to pass on the breathtaking views I encounter while using a camera.