19 August 2010


I am attracted to tangible things. I feel connection or disgust from tangible things. I still have to digest and find a way to feel love for something or Someone who's not tangibly around. Love for words written in an ancient book and not to what the feelings in my heart tell me to love.

This is a strange post but to me it makes sense. Now I just have to try to find a way to that love in Someone that isn't tangible though hiding in the corners of my heart and directing me without specializing I have to bow and admire Him.

It's not easy to keep listening to my heart when feelings for tangible people whom I care about more than anything else on this world and beyond are loving this Someone, whom I can't see with the same eyes they see Him....


  1. Was brought up religious, am not nor ever have been, I do not believe.
    People have been asking why, because I was brought up that way does not mean me to be.
    It is all about respect, people have to take me the way I think, like I do respect them in their believe.

  2. when you love it's more than about respect. it's about caring about the ones you love. if i'm convinced of 'the truth' i want the one i love to enter that 'heaven' as well because i care for him/her. this is the most sincere reason for wanting someone to believe.

  3. Je kunt nog zo veel willen, geloven is "aan nemen", je doet het of wel of niet.