25 September 2010

Updating - Succot

I lost a bit interest in this blog since my camera is very much disappointing me and becoming worse and worse all the time. Here are a few photos of yesterday (the skies) and today but none are to my satisfaction at all.

flying duck


stairs without purpose

fruit on pavement

mr. blackcap





I took so many photos lately and after uploading them to the computer got so disappointed about their quality that I am rather sad at the moment. And losing interest in photography. I don't have the budget to buy yet another camera (this one is only 3 and a half years old). My purpose in photography to show the magnificent things I encounter and if that can't be done because the result is totally not comparable to what I'm seeing then there is little fun in continuing.

21 September 2010

From the Prime-Minister's Office

I received a response today to the email I sent that I quoted on this blog before. (About Rambam 's theory that is accepted all over the world in legal studies about the duty that the release of one innocent is obligated even if that means having to release 1000 guilty people).

As was to be expected it is a standard letter I received in the mail today. I wanted to scan it and place it here but as it goes with almost everything I am trying to do lately....................... I didn't succeed. This time the printer is telling me something's wrong with the cartridge I just bought a few days ago and was printing beautifully when I just installed them.

And so, I will just retype what they answered me in that letter. Actually it is very infuriating the thought that they can answer generally to someone while that someone has given her time and energy to address them. Actually (2) who the hell do they think they are that they can lezalzel to another human being like that? It doesn't give me much hope as to the fate of Gilad Shalit and only now am I beginning to understand the (useless) demonstrations his parents are holding. It, at least, doesn't let this situation sink into the public forgetfulness. And thus makes him a political item which politicians have to deal with. Tho those are sick animals because of the cunning manner they succeed into having him enclosed at the 'enemy's' quarters (while he was placed in a vulnerable situation serving his country - and thus his politicians) for 4 years now already.

Anyway, after this rant here is the content of the letter those ignorant people sent without paying attention to the very definitive point I was making that would serve as the most simple and BINDING obligation they have to fulfill.


שלום וברכה,
קיבלתי את מכתבך אל ראש הממשלה בנוגע לפעילות לשחרורו של גלעד שליט, ואני מתנצל על העיכוב בשליחת תשובתי.

ראש הממשלה שותף עמך ועם כל עם ישראל לכאבם של משפחת שליט. ממשלת ישראל מחויבת להחזיר את גלעד הביתה, ופועלת ללא הרף כדי לממש מטרה חשובה זו.

אני מעריך את מעורבותך בסוגיה חשובה ורגישה זו, ומייחל ומקווה לשובו המהיר של גלעד לחיק משפחתו.

בברכה שנה טובה
דני קייט

Yeah. Sure. He didn't get into the point I was making. "You" thank me for feeling 'involved'? Who are you that you are involved at all?

19 September 2010


That's how I felt when I sat at the Duck's Pond yesterday morning while being in the middle of the fast and the tiniest little rain drops fell down on me while the sun was shining. It gave a feeling of pure contentment.

I passed the fast rather good. At the end, when I usually feel real bad headaches, I even felt better than I have felt in a long, long time. So 'free'... I wasn't hungry, thirsty or desired a cigarette. I could have go on for another 25 hours :D

It's a pity it is forbidden to take pictures on this Holy Day because it must be a wondrous sight for non-Israelis to see the high-roads barren of traffic and masses of people and cycling children walking in the middle of those roads.

17 September 2010

Yom Kippur

After 33 years in this country and 33 yommei Kippur I still don't understand even one word of the prayers (or any other prayers for that matter) in Hebrew (and I never get the hinge of it in English either). This drives me crazy and sometimes makes me think that this is not "my" Truth....

May my sins be absolved and may I be as lucky as to be forgiven for all the things I have done wrong upon others either willingly or unwillingly .......... I really think that for God it is more important to confess hurt about behavior towards my fellow human beings than it is to bow my head for Him (isn't men created in His Image?). He just isn't petty. He stands waaaayyyyy above that. That's how I feel it. That's my world ... My thorough believe that can't be 'talked away' by 'evidence' other people believe in as being their "Truth" or "Facts".

My special request for compassion from The One Above (in all possible meanings) is to please be considerate for what I have done wrong upon my children. They were 'given to me' and I didn't see my responsibilities in light of what was the Hell Fate had lured upon me in the form of my ex-husband's behavior.

There are so many excuses for the hurt I inflicted upon my children -and they are very substantial excuses as well- but none can absolve me from the responsibility I had thrown at me as the consequence of those decisions that made me receive them in the first place and which responsibilities I should have recognized.

I am given a second chance now. As a grandmother. And I will do all that is in my power to not spoil it this time. Ironically enough this chance is given to me by my daughter - the one I didn't understand when she was a child herself and therefore must have caused immense hurt (that's what you do to children - because children have such vulnerable souls that everything happening to them is imprinted on them like burning stamps) :(

I still don't understand the Jewish approach to God - I wish one day I would...


G'mar Chatimah Tova.
(I must add this is the day of the year I dread most of all... given from the fact that the fast was thrown at me without warning and me not even understanding what it was all about en me not being Jewish even, that first time.... but that also must have some special meaning)