21 September 2010

From the Prime-Minister's Office

I received a response today to the email I sent that I quoted on this blog before. (About Rambam 's theory that is accepted all over the world in legal studies about the duty that the release of one innocent is obligated even if that means having to release 1000 guilty people).

As was to be expected it is a standard letter I received in the mail today. I wanted to scan it and place it here but as it goes with almost everything I am trying to do lately....................... I didn't succeed. This time the printer is telling me something's wrong with the cartridge I just bought a few days ago and was printing beautifully when I just installed them.

And so, I will just retype what they answered me in that letter. Actually it is very infuriating the thought that they can answer generally to someone while that someone has given her time and energy to address them. Actually (2) who the hell do they think they are that they can lezalzel to another human being like that? It doesn't give me much hope as to the fate of Gilad Shalit and only now am I beginning to understand the (useless) demonstrations his parents are holding. It, at least, doesn't let this situation sink into the public forgetfulness. And thus makes him a political item which politicians have to deal with. Tho those are sick animals because of the cunning manner they succeed into having him enclosed at the 'enemy's' quarters (while he was placed in a vulnerable situation serving his country - and thus his politicians) for 4 years now already.

Anyway, after this rant here is the content of the letter those ignorant people sent without paying attention to the very definitive point I was making that would serve as the most simple and BINDING obligation they have to fulfill.


שלום וברכה,
קיבלתי את מכתבך אל ראש הממשלה בנוגע לפעילות לשחרורו של גלעד שליט, ואני מתנצל על העיכוב בשליחת תשובתי.

ראש הממשלה שותף עמך ועם כל עם ישראל לכאבם של משפחת שליט. ממשלת ישראל מחויבת להחזיר את גלעד הביתה, ופועלת ללא הרף כדי לממש מטרה חשובה זו.

אני מעריך את מעורבותך בסוגיה חשובה ורגישה זו, ומייחל ומקווה לשובו המהיר של גלעד לחיק משפחתו.

בברכה שנה טובה
דני קייט

Yeah. Sure. He didn't get into the point I was making. "You" thank me for feeling 'involved'? Who are you that you are involved at all?

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  1. ................Zucht...........................
    being angry at an unseen person is non productive,
    the only person you hereby are doing no good, is yourself.............................punt.