24 July 2010

Is there any rich guy out there who wants to marry me?

I am fed-up with my camera. It just isn't performing like it used to, no matter how much I fiddle with the settings. Also the batteries are playing up. And so, I have decided I want to marry a rich man who can take care of the financial side of all the things I want to change/obtain. Like a new camera :D

Only........ I don't know any wealthy guys (or at least not those who could possibly be interested in me) :(

OK, OK :D It's only a joke. Everybody who knows me knows that I never want to get 'involved' anymore after the never-ending failure I experienced for 32 years. But it sure is an easy option for solving my camera problem, or not? Hahahahaa.

I left the house real late tho I didn't look at the time (such a luxury not having to be restricted by the clock like I have to all week long). Klaas didn't come with me because he ran away earlier this morning when I opened the door. He always comes back so I don't worry too much (though I did see him return home running over the road instead of the pavement). It was way too hot to enjoy the walk really :-( And, there were like thousands of people at the beach as well - which I don't like because that suffocates me. But OK.... I couldn't stay home either because then I'd feel this would have been a lost day.

On route the following I saw:

and this is the beach from opposite (I was situated at the wavebreaker)

None of the above photos carry my satisfaction, let alone that I think they're good. My camera is cheating on me and perhaps searching for a wealthy guy isn't such a bad option after all :D

23 July 2010

time spirit

I have decided to post some stories from the "news" from time to time in order to get the spirit of what impressed me newswise - as an anchor to touch base more easily when reading back here in years to come.

And so this week two stories stuck with me. The first of Betty White who, at the age of 88 is enjoying fame renewed. I am very much struggling with the concept of age and what she said - (which comes down to these words) "it's strange, in one's 50s one does everything to hide one's age and now that i'm in my late 80s i'm bragging about it" - sounded both hopeful, humor and describing the insane reality to me....
She's the only survivor of the Golden Girls. A program I thoroughly enjoyed watching at the time (and still, via youtube).

The other is that Boney M had a concert in Ramallah. When I first came to Israel in the 70s Boney M was one of the first concerts I was taken to by my future ex and circle of friends. It was held in a huge stadium and I vividly remember that evening. When you hear "Palestinian Territories" your thoughts automatically go to war-ridden country. But to see this makes me feel good. It's like that time I wrote about above when i just came to Israel and thought nobody in their right state of mind would ever BUY a home here because in a country in war that home would be put to ashes in no time anyway. And then I saw Boney M and realized also that even more people in Israel used to buy homes than I was used to see in the Netherlands. Impressions I ha(ve)d and reality that is developing and not resembling those impressions at all...

21 July 2010

Getting curly

Yesterday morning I woke up and when brushing my teeth I saw in the mirror over my sink that I had a CURL in my hair. I was close to ecstatic. As most people having had sleek, straight hair all their lives I always was dying to have curls or at least some waves in my hair. I didn't let this moment of 'victory' pass me by without memorializing it - in the form of a photo - so I can relish on it in the future :D

Btw: I didn't brush my hair all day (afraid the curl would vanish), hahahaha.


I met the English teacher again in the park after I had set out real early in the morning yesterday. Her photos of nature are of more quality than mine :( Her camera is better I suppose. It's a Canon sx200is. Mine is way inferior to hers. We took photos of the same things and hers came out 'normal' while mine were blurred :(

Anyway.... I still like to place some here for the sake of remembering this (umpteenth) time of pure bliss when feeling one with nature (the tiny little bit of nature in this urban war zone).

One of the dragonflies that liked to accompany Klaas closely while walking through the field leading towards the pond. There must be two kinds of dragonflies. I think. This one doesn't resemble the ones I snapped photos of before....


These trees are giving the feeling one is going through a royal gate when crossing the road on Abba Hillel. The photo is overlighted but that turns out the way I like it best in this case. I do not always like conventional, precisely accurate photos. There's a sense of art perhaps when not copying reality exactly.


This is the bird I took a photograph of earlier and thought perhaps it was a "runaway" (escaped from a cage of some owner). However Teacherwoman said he was around always at the same spot so perhaps it's a natural wild bird anyway - because else he would not really survive, no? I have no clue as to the name of this bird...


Yesh!!! I got to see a frog (finally) and snap a photo of it. But....... of course my camera spoiled it all by coming out blurry and grained and underlighted. Stupid camera.


Teacherwoman was throwing bread at the bird and the catfish thought it was for them and they came out of the water and took the bread from the land.


Hoopoes were all over.


16 July 2010

Spontaneous day after plans fell through

The computer didn't work this morning and this fact made that I couldn't go and spend the day like I had planned. Luckily enough S. is a flexible person and so -after having the computer 'fixed' *read = having the dust removed by a technician, bleeehh* - we still had a very enjoyable day. Photos are here:

Kabalat Shabat at the Nemaal:


Stars on the water:

Poor Mr. Egret:

Because the Ayalon was dry:

Kolnoa Rama (Rama Cinema) has been here for always so it seems. Most of the time I know it, it has been out of use. The following is the history of it:

And here comes its future (the ad says a 'tower' - high apartment building - is going to be build in its place. Yet again a town in Israel is losing part of its character to so-called "modernization" )

10 July 2010

Life's a rocking chair

Well, at least for me. That's the conclusion I've come to... New developments in the field of finance make me feel insecure again. Not that I should be. I should already be receiving the monies I have a right to and the courts appointed to me. It's only that dealing with courts here in Israel can takes years and thus the practical execution of their verdicts as well...

Today I started out at 05:00 a.m. exactly. I got fed-up with my lazy me and also with this heat (or rather humidity in the air) that destroys everything that pleasurable to do outdoors :( I got back at 10:30 a.m. and it was unbearable already. Like a damp blanket smothered me (and Klaas also suffered).

Tho I did walk all the way up to the Nemaal I didn't take photos of the sea. Don't know why...

The first two photos are from the park. Especially that golden bath directed to me by the rays of the upcoming sun while standing under the bridge were a moment of total indulgence, so exhilarating...

At the Nemaal there was this photo exhibition:

and this photo:

had a question attached to it:

I found it so touching because so very basic.... I mean that's the question upon which basis one has a right to live in a home or not, no? Until............ you grow up and and know that grown-ups are manipulative and money and politics is the name of the game.

I found this ant on the balustrade under a bridge crossing the Yarkon. He or she was so terribly busy carrying this piece of bread or dough (couldn't see what it was) around that is was simply endearing the see.. and so I snapped a photo of it ;) I like the shades of color:

These teenage-fish were sticking their mouths out of the water simultaneously all the time. It was so funny to see. As if they had rehearsed it :D

This photo is of last week when I went walking the park with daughter and grand-daughter. I have a 'thing' with dragonflies. Their wings are so terribly delicate and gorgeous - especially when the sun reflects its rays on them...

07 July 2010

All those segments making up one person

No photos, just something taken from youtube to remind myself (later on) how things I experienced during the whole of my life make up for being who I am now....

And so...

The Netherlands won yesterday in the half finals of the Mondial. I am not particularly interested in football (soccer) but as things get closer to a 'deja-vu' (and the NLs might very well end up playing the German team for the 3rd time, like they started out doing some 35 years ago) - roll back into time to where I was 17 and holidaying in Benidorm. ALL Dutch were ecstatic and glued to the t.v. screens at their hotels, there in that (still not too exploited) Spanish holiday resort. "We" lost then.

Fast forward to July 2010, I wish I could have been here, my heart truly yearns for something so harmonious as tens of thousands of people being truly happy while sharing something so innocent as a victory in football. Such a nice break away from happy events being celebrated with always having a political meaning attached to it......

03 July 2010

This Day In The History Of My Life

I went for a very, very short visit to the duck compound. I learned Klaas's paws are suffering unbearably from the hot, bright, sunexploded pavements and highways we cross - so I started taking him into my arms when having to repose on this kind of torture when either crossing at traffic lights etc.

That still doesn't take away from the fact that he rather likes to be outdoors than indoors... Dog-masochism?

Photos upcoming:

i had a 'thing' with Reflections. Thus most of the photos exposed here about that subject.


forget about it
flickr has changed its procedures about uploading photos thus much that I don't understand how to do that anymore. their loss. like me there will be tens of thousands leaving them.