24 July 2010

Is there any rich guy out there who wants to marry me?

I am fed-up with my camera. It just isn't performing like it used to, no matter how much I fiddle with the settings. Also the batteries are playing up. And so, I have decided I want to marry a rich man who can take care of the financial side of all the things I want to change/obtain. Like a new camera :D

Only........ I don't know any wealthy guys (or at least not those who could possibly be interested in me) :(

OK, OK :D It's only a joke. Everybody who knows me knows that I never want to get 'involved' anymore after the never-ending failure I experienced for 32 years. But it sure is an easy option for solving my camera problem, or not? Hahahahaa.

I left the house real late tho I didn't look at the time (such a luxury not having to be restricted by the clock like I have to all week long). Klaas didn't come with me because he ran away earlier this morning when I opened the door. He always comes back so I don't worry too much (though I did see him return home running over the road instead of the pavement). It was way too hot to enjoy the walk really :-( And, there were like thousands of people at the beach as well - which I don't like because that suffocates me. But OK.... I couldn't stay home either because then I'd feel this would have been a lost day.

On route the following I saw:

and this is the beach from opposite (I was situated at the wavebreaker)

None of the above photos carry my satisfaction, let alone that I think they're good. My camera is cheating on me and perhaps searching for a wealthy guy isn't such a bad option after all :D


  1. You dont ow a bicycle?

  2. Denk dat je toe bent aan een nieuwe leesbril.

  3. Misschien ligt het niet aan jou camera ..........