16 July 2010

Spontaneous day after plans fell through

The computer didn't work this morning and this fact made that I couldn't go and spend the day like I had planned. Luckily enough S. is a flexible person and so -after having the computer 'fixed' *read = having the dust removed by a technician, bleeehh* - we still had a very enjoyable day. Photos are here:

Kabalat Shabat at the Nemaal:


Stars on the water:

Poor Mr. Egret:

Because the Ayalon was dry:

Kolnoa Rama (Rama Cinema) has been here for always so it seems. Most of the time I know it, it has been out of use. The following is the history of it:

And here comes its future (the ad says a 'tower' - high apartment building - is going to be build in its place. Yet again a town in Israel is losing part of its character to so-called "modernization" )


  1. Being a woman of the World in a way of speaking, you being a person who does a lot of walking and also likes to dress well, you are familiar with the Mary-Jane-Trekking-shoe?

  2. Hahahaa yes - a woman of the whole world in Ramat-Gan :D

    I never heard of those but they look interesting. I very much wanted to buy Earth shoes but they don't sell to Israel. That's a real pity because ages ago I owned a pair (bought in the U.S. as well) and I remember how comfortable they were.