21 May 2011

turbulences panta rei

photo's. because they tell a lot:

Wild Onion:

Why did you wake me up?

Mom, dad, siblings and one yellow chick:

The evasive Syrian Woodpecker:

Looking over my behind and not my shoulders. Do you mind??

The totally magical surroundings of Fairytaletree; this time a carpet made to fly away upon to happy times transcending this world:

A butterfly feeling sorry for me not being able to ever close-in on their species ever. Sat down to model and made me thank her/him because being so awfully grateful. (now a better camera would help if I could afford it)

Last Saturday's raindrops (very well might have been the Malkosh) - danced. Cheerfully swaying their light-in-flight beings. Pure pleasure to watch:

The Brachychiton who has been flowering for a few months now having some of the last seasons raindrops on it:

This Jacaranda tree's branches covered with leaves:

The luscious Mulberry I took home today and am planning on eating:

A photo of a phenomenon called web everybody is passing by on while this is such a work of genious (let alone a magnificent sight when the sun is shining through it)

Mr. Fly, not being even a little bit afraid of me. Those radiant red eyes must have something to do with that ;-)

This step-up at a bridge crossing the incredibly busy AbbaHillel road made me stand still on my heels and drift off into fairy-tale-land. Just felt like floating over the cushioned lilac flowers velvetty paving an entrance into a land Judy Garland once sang about:

There are tiny little independent flowers within the heart of this flower:

These flowers have a scent one can get 'high' from. Extremely exclusive:

A "Sally-my-handsome" near the port of Tel-Aviv last week.

The Passionflower I only saw at one single spot a couple of years ago now can be seen at various other places and that's a blessing since they're so beautiful:

This is me and Klaas and the sea being reflected through the windows of a hall that used to be used as a wedding hall once and since have been in an ongoing process of being re-built over and over again:

Have a good week, everybody who's reading here (no idea who is actually)


03 May 2011

turbulences in or is life

Life goes up and life goes down sometimes. Just like the waves in the sea. The sea who's often being resembled with life itself. And I can now see why.

"Trouble in Granny-paradise" is the title here but there are more things that are bothering me. One of those is a tiny little baby-sparrow that I encountered and had to decide what was the best thing to do for it with. I think I didn't take the decision that was best for him. And this still causes me sadness. Unexplainable really because this sadness hurts.

Here's the little fellow who fell on my path and I let down: