03 May 2011

turbulences in or is life

Life goes up and life goes down sometimes. Just like the waves in the sea. The sea who's often being resembled with life itself. And I can now see why.

"Trouble in Granny-paradise" is the title here but there are more things that are bothering me. One of those is a tiny little baby-sparrow that I encountered and had to decide what was the best thing to do for it with. I think I didn't take the decision that was best for him. And this still causes me sadness. Unexplainable really because this sadness hurts.

Here's the little fellow who fell on my path and I let down:


  1. Sometimes, even if we want to, there is no way to save some animals.
    Last sunday, while on a walk along the dike there was this tiny little black lamb, the way it was lying in the sun made me curious.
    Did not make a picture, the little thing lay there dying.
    Even if there is no way for me to communicate with this little creature I feel sorry for it, even, having a rural background, to realise these are going to be slaughtered within the next year.

    You should not feel guilt for the little bird, if, you would have done all to help it, it was not in.

    There will be another time and another chance to do good.

  2. A Black lamb. Wow. J., you really are a lucky person to get to see those things that are rare (at least to me). I know... I wish I would have left this little creature alone and not picked it up. But my instinct (of trying to protect) comes up first before knowledge.

    A shame no? Many problems in this world could perhaps be prevented if people like me didn't act spontaneously on instinct.