18 April 2011

The Days Of My Life

Working hard cleaning last week. So busy and thus yet not seeing my grandchildren nearly enough as I would like to see them. They're so sweet. Both having their own specialties in making my heart melt. What or who would I be without them? That sour and lonely person I was in the years before. I would wish that I could see them each and every day and connect but... that turns out to be an impossible mission.

Last Wednesday I was at the Laundrette. Due to Pesach (erev Pesach is today) I have been in a frenzy getting all the Chametz out and everything cleaned properly to Jewish Religious Standards all of last week. I am satisfied now. Everything is clean and chametz-free as religion orders. So, back to the laundrette...

When I went in there to have Klaas' basket washed I met with 3 different regions. The people in there, I mean. A south-American woman, a Tunesian man and a Lithuanian woman. We were all talking holiday-talk. In the end I was left with the Lithuanian woman. She was a former religious woman. She told me the story of her daughter and how her daughter had made her change her religious observations. That got me started thinking how my children got me change my religious (or lack thereof) observations. What we, MOTHERS, do for our children.... It is stronger than any law written anywhere. It's called instinct.


the burning of chametz this morning in Bnei Brak:


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