31 March 2011

easy start - stressful end

When I set out this morning with Klaas (to make up to him for being alone for too many hours yesterday when I joined the most important part of my life: my grand-children) - it started out so very nice...

On my way back I decided to 'follow doctor's orders' and check upon my blood pressure. After not having consumed alcohol since the weekend and taking the pills he prescribed obediently - I thought I wasn't in for any surprises. BUT when the pharmacist almost panicked when reading my results - a sudden heart-ache set in that haven't left me until I took my first glass of Martini this evening (and still... it is lingering on some). Psychosomatic? Well, I know that for sure. I was feeling FINE until he panicked.

Photos of my wonderful outing this morning until I did 'the' test:

this gorgeous smelling flower:

the colorful world nature is giving us as a present to enjoy:

The color Purple, from beginning stage until full bloom:

The basking turtle who hurried away when I got too close and made me feel guilty about that :(

The extremely beautiful Bottlebrush tree:

The story of the Coypu. Climbing up the edges of the Protection Isle. Only to find that Mother Goose wasn't all that protective for anyone else but her own kind. Climbing up;


Being chased away by Mother Goose:

and finally leaving the 'scene' all together:

(I've seen him steal a piece of bread from the Isle a few weeks ago. No goose was spotting him then. It was a nice thing to see)

When I went up to another 'island' near duck-pond (there were no people around like there are on Saturdays) I saw an egg that had probably fallen out of a nest. I also saw a loudly squeaking duck. So I decided to leave it alone and just zoom in heavily when taking a picture of the egg.

These delicate flowers are around everywhere now. In quantities unknown... How come I never noticed them before? Were they here? They aren't only very uplifting to see from afar but close - up they are so very delicately looking. Isn't life gorgeous? When seeing things like this...

I saw the Pied Kingfisher hovering over the water again. Many times I see him do this but never does he allow me to shoot him on camera. Even this time he looks elusive, not wanting to be related to anything else but survival (which isn't built for pretty pictures)

And then, when he finally made his way into the dive and up, he didn't show interest in being in my photo:

The night-Cereus near Parakeet territory was again looking amazingly charming and mysterious (to me that is)

Now comes a series of photos of the Nile Goose and babies. It was such an endearing sight watching them. A lesson to many humans... Defend and never let go of guard:

And two other Nile Geese flying around that same pond:

OK, I'm tired (It's after 24:00 now) and I will just place the photos I took this morning, this wonderful morning, until I had my blood pressure test:

protection island:

Resting on a leaf:31-03-2011-resting-on-a-leaf

Resting on a petal:

Starting to bloom:

One tree reaching out the another standing right beside him, as if in to say he wanted to be in contact (whatever that means) with her:

On the way back home (and later on to work which kinda dismisses the home part) - I saw this boat floating around while playing very loud Arabic music. I watched it for a while because just a minute before that I had seen an all-boys-only outing from some school at the zoo near to the lake. I liked the mix. I really liked it...

Next time more. I'm too tired now...

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