05 June 2010


It has been a long time since I wrote here. I feel a little bit guilty...

Let's start from the 'beginning' (since I 'left') :

My son came to stay over for a week - which was lovely (of course). I'm still of the opinion that one's closest family (and in particular one's own children) are the ones who have most impact on ones happiness and emotions. And thus: there wasn't much I wanted to write about (since both son and daughter are fervent anti-put-everything-on-the-internet supporters).

On the last day before my son returned to Tsefad I found a praying mantis on the window of his bedroom (both my son and daughter were shocked - an 'animal' like that entered the privacy of my home). I thought it was beautiful. I'm not scared or frightened from insects and the likes, except for cockroaches who can let me faint.


Last week, while walking Klaas, I saw a garden opposite my home of which I suspect one of the tenants thought it was a good idea to throw their old toilet pot in and make it look like a creative idea for garden design. I think it is humor:


Then, one day later, the skies (and air) were so polluted (or whatever it was that gave that impression) that the sun looked like it was suffocating high in the skies:


One day later, Friday, I met up with my friend again. The skies were clear, the sun shone brightly and we had a great time in her home town, Nethanya. Nethanya reminds me Tel-Aviv in the seventies. It lacks the coldness sophistication has brought to Tel-Aviv. It is not 'backwards' but much more 'warm' (human) than Tel-Aviv. Anyway, that's my impression...

Here are some sparrows taking advantage of the absence of the tourists (Dutch btw) from their table for a while. They seem to love the corn...


That Shabbat, the 29th May, I decided I needed to go see 'my' sea again. Though I don't like going to him when 'the Israeli people' (or any other people) are having their day off and clutter and spoil (for me) his pureness... On the way I saw this peacock having a 'look at me' moment, and so I did (look at him) and took a photo of it:


Of course, during this last week, the 'flotilla' thing happened. (Never knew this word until this week). It made me realize there is no peace possible in the Middle East. I am, I think, a VERY humane person. There is no-one I wish harm upon and I also can understand where people with contradicting opinions than mine are coming from. However... after years upon years trying to reason and trying to and succeeding in understanding people who are supposed to be my enemy - I can see now that it all doesn't matter. I have been made out as a person who makes them 'sick' simply because they can't see further than their own propaganda machine and decide that by doubting that machine I am inhumane. Well, stuff them. If they would write 'why do you think so?' I could go on talking to them BUT.... having them say I make them sick and that I am 'simple' or 'indoctrinated' (which makes me laugh because that's what I think they are, but wouldn't write this because I don't wanna hurt their feelings) - makes that for me this 'romance' is over. I stand behind our navy for the full 100% and if that makes them sick they effectively are pushing me in the corner of not being distinctive anymore. "Accuse without distinction" is their slogan and they force me to make it mine. Here's a photo of what I saw yesterday near Yizraeli and I agree with it for the full 100%. If that delivers problems to those who say Israel lies no matter if it tells the truth - that's their problem:


I find this a heartwarming photo. At least it warms my heart. Just like the big group of American African Americans that danced around Tel-Aviv chanting they thanked the 'shayeted 13' while I did my route to Shuk HaCarmel yesterday.

It's better I don't think about all this too much. It makes me too angry. "Israel is wrong by default". Well, I got news for all those people: never, ever assume that I lose sight with what is right and what is wrong. Not when I support your claims that the Gaza Blockade is collective punishment one (the Israeli government) has to find a humane solution for, and not when our navy is executing their rightful duties and are getting attacked for that. You don't like it? Then don't talk to me anymore. I won't sleep less because of it more than when I would cheat on my principles.


A few days ago I suddenly thought about the person I used to work for when I came to Israel. A very 'colorful' person. That much can be said. I haven't seen him for about 20 years. And guess what? Yesterday, while walking the Shuk Ha-Carmel I heard him call out to me. Isn't that 'coincidence'? Or what? Anyway, I was terribly surprised.

And today... I set out to walk again. But, on route I decided I really didn't wanna meet up with more than half of the population of Tel-Aviv at 'my' sea. So stayed at that park. Here are photos of sights that caught my heart...



  1. just in case flickr deletes it... the "embroidered" flower is called a Aristolochia

  2. I do agree with you out of my heart, a navy unable to handle a few demonstraters needs all the support it can get.

    Vrij naar Snoopy, "I need all the friends I can get!"

  3. 700 terrorists sailing under the flag of 'peace-activists' and not only cheating the Israeli navy but the whole world as well cannot be called 'a few demonstrators'.

  4. If they had been terrorists the navy would have had all the right to blow the ships out of the water.

    In this case they screwed up.

  5. "If"? The organizers: I.H.H. (only in 1997 called a terrorist organization by the Turkish themselves - before they turned more Islamistic with this new president)



    he report said that following the revelation, the Turkish government launched a raid on the organization’s Istanbul offices, where they found weapons, explosives, and instructions for bomb-making. The report added that an examination of documents found at the IHH office indicated that the group was planning to take part in terrorist activities in Afghanistan, Chechnya, and Bosnia.

    According to the study, a French intelligence report found that in the mid-1990s IHH leader B’ulent Yildirim recruited soldiers for jihad activities in a number of Muslim countries and that the IHH transferred money, firearms, and explosives to jihadists in said countries

  6. Diversion does not help you WTL.

    If the navy would have taken prisoners without bloodshed you would not feel the need to bend in all directions to defend this amateuristic action.

    They just screwed up.

    Begin blew up the King David hotel, in your opinion he too must be a terrorist.

    It's all a matter of perspective.

  7. It's not diversion: it's a direct response to your "if they had been terrorists", a straight answer to that.

    I'm not bending in all directions to defend this action. I'm just surprised Israel is being blamed for a perpetration initiated by a bunch of terrorists. (by chance saw how REAL peace activists react when their boat is being inspected? look at the "rachel corrie" that was treated in exactly the same way the turkish boat was treated by the Israeli navy and see the results.)

  8. WTL, a lot of Israeli bloggers try to defend the lousy action of your navy, if you would say, "Yes J.P. I have to admit our navy did react unprofessional" we do have progress.

    It is a great idea to color the background of your blog, I like this greenish color very much.

    You will not have heard about it, a few weeks ago a team of our royal marines also took a ship
    taken by pirates near Somalia.

    Sometimes things just do not work out the way it has been planned.

  9. Of course it was a lousy execution of the mission. But that's not the subject here. The subject is 'who is the cause of this outcome?' And.... that's to blame on the ones provoking violence with violence. That's all.