10 June 2010

Horseback riding

Facing some fears of the past (which was a disastrous experience) I yesterday set out to go horseback riding at a reliable manege which also gives treatment services (to the disabled). This is something I really wanted to do but I never realized how discovering that I can't afford (financially) proceeding this wonderful sport would make me feel sad.

Anyway, the manege is situated in a park on the other side of Ramat-Gan - I know the park from the past - and is a lovely area where tranquility and an overall sense of relaxation takes you (me) over and places you in another world... away from the hectic race around the clock.

The horse I rode was called Kineret and she is a lovely girl. So patient... (and huge).

Hereunder are photos from the park. The Hoopoe I found at the entrance of the manege at a worn down building where artists are selling their paintings. The Hoopoes were totally used to those people and I think they considered I belonged to them because they didn't fly away (as all birds do when I take out my camera) when I approached them as well.


This is the park:

The trees had signs telling the names of them so I finally got to know some names I have been wondering about for quite some time now. This is a Thevetia:

A Parkinsonia:

An Eucalyptus:

And a Brachychiton (very common tree in Israel)

This is Klaas sleeping :-)

I wish I wouldn't have gone horseback riding because now I know what I have to miss due to financial restrictions :-(


  1. Once had a girlfriend in Zuidoostbeemster, she did ride an Islandic horse, these do the tölt.

    What in horse riding is interesting to you, in such a manege you only go in circles.

    You allways have been a fan of Bonanza?

  2. The symbioses between 'man' and animal is what gives me a good feeling and with horseback riding that is felt into extreme.

  3. I know what you mean, together forming one.