26 June 2010

Klein maar fijn

(No translation)

This morning a short run to the birds pound at the park. The frogs still don't like me and disappear the moment they even smell me. So... no photos (have still to see the first of them with my naked eye anyway).

I did see the Eurasian Jay pretty close to me on a branch of the tree I was passing under tho:

And the bud that was bursting to bloom some time ago did indeed burst into a voluptuous adult flower:

He was calling out (as can be seen) but I'm not sure what this bird is...

The reflection shows up better than the goose itself. This bright sunlight makes it very difficult to photograph white colors...

There also was this hungry parrot - who was looking down at me while I was taking this picture but didn't fly away anyway, which I think is so sweet

The photos of lately are of no good quality at all. I also have huge problems with my camera. I feel he's gone cheating on me :-(


  1. The bird unknown to you Memg, might be an Ardeola ralloides, in Dutch, a ralreiger.

    Also have started up a blog myself, still in de kinderschoenen but in time I also, like you, will become more adapted to publishing my pictures on the net.

    What is the problem with your camera, it was bitten by Klaas?

  2. hey wat goed van jou, J. ja, het lijkt me idd een ralreiger nu datje me het zegt. dank je wel.