19 June 2010


Left early: 06:30 but it was already warm. Coming back around 12:30 I thought I was going to faint (didn't have enough to drink while the heat-or rather the humidity in the air- was a killer). Still had to carry Klaas the last part of the way because he seemed really about to kick the bucket.

The "Adventures" --

I saw a Mynah eating a (dead) lizard:
I also teased him a bit by coming too close to him so he had to leave this juicy piece of meat out of fear I would catch him. (Yes, I am naughty).

I saw the black crowned night heron (or in short Mr. Heron as I call him in my thoughts) sitting on a bench near the Yarkon - extremely close to a fisherman (hoping to get his dinner served, I assume)

There was another one near the fisherman as well who got a fish from him - and it is my imagination for sure but... it does look like the rascal is laughing here:

I saw a flower who looked like he spun himself around into a dizzy spin:

Above the 'animal prison' I found the parrots were very active in and around their huge nest, and actually caught one resting from all the commotion:

And in Animal Prison itself this endearing sight of a baby resting her head on her mother invited me to snap a picture of it:

I used to see one here, two there and not very often either, but today the path going thru the park to the Nemaal was littered with hundreds of the insects showing in the photo underneath. This photo is of two of them who seemed to be stuck together - moving rather swiftly into one direction, which makes that one of them was walking backwards. Perhaps they're mating?

And this is Mr. Egret. Beautiful as always. Twice :-)

After many weeks of not having seen Ms. Cat I finally got to see her again. She has become very, very fat. She can't be pregnant because she's neutered so this means she is living well. I am so happy - because she is a valuable piece of my memories.... Here she is sniffing the lens of my camera:

And, this bird was just one of tens of them perching on the branches of a tree -- they weren't sparrows (the beak is too long and thin) but what they are I don't know..


  1. The above bird might be some kind of finch.

    Might be an idea to give Klaas the first best year of his life, what about a shave/trim.
    Have seen farmers do it to their dog with cattle equipment, kind of rough, dogs first dont know what has happend to them, makes them look like lions with the fluff on the tail.

  2. J.P., Klaas already was trimmed twice. The last time was one month ago.

  3. If I may ask, when he is trimmed about what is the length of the hair which is left?

  4. Next time I'll measure the hair length :P

  5. You are lucky Klaas to be unable to read what you write.