14 May 2010

Friday as like vacation

That's how I always feel when I meet my friend Shuli. Every time we set out on one of our 'trips' (whether to a restaurant or to some place to explore its history of) - I always feel like having a day off from all the obligations that usually are clouding all my days.

This is one photo that maybe shows how we feel when 'out and about'.



  1. What places do the both of you explore?

  2. about everything we can go to if time permits :)

    have you seen my youtubes if Glickeria Shuli and me went to see?

  3. You do like Bauhaus, or just to see a house and imagine you would like to live there?

    Of course I have seen your first steps as a video producer on YouTube.

  4. well, i sometimes try to imagine how it must have been to live in houses from the past in the time they were still occupied.