17 February 2012

Ups & Downs

Gone through lots of pain this week. Pain in my stomach. Pain because of what my children are doing to me. They don't have to do so, do they? I mean, comparing, I am not really a 'bad' mother. Well, at the moment (and moments change literally by the moment) I'm OK. Still, this have been a very difficult week. I might be grandmother again from my 3rd grandchild for all I know. I won't be notified :(

Whatever.. I hope they are OK and healthy and happy. It's not their fault they got the absolute opposite education when they were children from what I would have wanted. He, the 'ex' was also overpowering me, just like I think he's doing now to my children.

I went to see a manpower office in Kfar Saba. While figuring out how to get to the third floor of the building I couldn't help but laugh (out loud) at the following:


SHIT management :P

Earlier this week I was enjoying total rest at the Duck's Pond -no people around at all almost- when a t.v. crew came to stand right next to me. I gave them some angry looks but it didn't help. So I left. Later this week I saw the program and it had nothing to do with the Duck's Pond.


And so, they're predicting 'the mother of all storms' tomorrow. They advise people to stay home. And so of course... I prepare myself to walk to and from the sea. They promise 6 meter high waves and that's something I really do not want to miss.

This kind of plastic 'cape' I just bought so that my camera will stay dry underneath it dangling around my neck:


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