17 December 2011

Yesterday and today

Yesterday I was meeting up with H. who was on a shopping spree. We went -amongst other things- to shuk Ha-Carmel. I walked from home to there. The only things I bought were Fennel seeds (they say it's healthy) and real Dutch Butter (capital B, yes). She on the other hand.... bought a lot more. I am so happy for her. For a long time she didn't spend a penny simply because (well, that's personal so I won't write why).

Anywayz... I didn't make many photos yesterday at all - here they come:

Strawberries at the shuk:

the entrance of one of the houses east of the Shuk --- once a majestic entrance, I think (look at the carving and all) --- totally run down and looks like it's the victim of people's ignorance:

a graffiti I think tells the truth (seen in King George)16-12-2011-the-truth-has-to-be-written

and, the photo of a graffiti I would like to know what it means:


Today I walked to the Nemaal. The weather was great. I did wear a sweatshirt though. But most of the time it wasn't necessary at all to wear it. It's just I am lazy and don't feel like taking it off and putting it on again....

First of all, Ramat Gan (including the park on Ramat Gan's side, because on the side of Tel-Aviv I didn't notice any) was scattered by caterpillars. Walking across the pavement. Here are a few photos of those:



they're about caterpillar-love and coordination. Just imagine all those legs and having to coordinate movement with them, hahahaha...

I then saw the Night Heron. He's a young one, I can tell. Not a juvenile, but really young anyway.

And when the wind started blowing a bit he became funky and decided on his punk look:

An acorn (I think)

And some thing that hanged on a tree that I found interesting:

I then arrived at the sea.... and as usual was drawn into its magic.

Many Seagulls floating on the water and flying around:



This boat couldn't be seen with the naked eye, that's how far away at sea it was. Isn't it great to have such an excellent zoom (thank you my friend the camera!)

On the way from the Nemaal via Nordau, Pinkas and Abba Hillel I noticed many flowers along the gardens who were infected with bugs. This poor Hibiscus ...

Near home I naturally also had to shoot Mr. Crooked Ear Cat ...


I feel so bad :( Yesterday just before Shabat I had a collision with a cat who came racing out of the garbage shed and collided right under my foot. He panicked, got back in and then re-considered and came running out again. I noticed he limped... It must have been me, my foot, that caused this when we collided. I can't stop thinking about him. Poor thing. But what can I do? He's a total wild cat, not like any of the 'pussies' wandering our garden usually....

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