30 December 2011

In the meanwhile...

Starting from yesterday evening walking home from work - at the bus stops, near the bicycle park:


I thought it was hilarious. Nothing left to steal of this bicycle, but locked at the park anywayz. Grrrreat!!!

This is the 'eight candle' of the Hanuka holiday that ended this week. Unfortunately. I love this Chag.


The Latkes I made, savory and sweet, when son was here last week. Tradition to fry things, use oil.... And I did. It's a pity only one Latke was eaten from it and so I froze them. Hope they'll come out OK afterwards:


In the meantime I keep on suffering from Klaas' hair. It almost becomes a carpet on my floor, especially since the stick holding the sweeper broke last week.... I bought him a blanket so he keeps warm at night, he took it for a stroll around the apartment:


On the first day of Hanuka, besides lighting a candle myself, on the roof of the round synagogue behind the apartment I live in, this:


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