22 October 2011

OK. So I'm excited. But I'm also scared. She's doing things I can only dream about. Though she's got her kids on her side. Which is something I can only wish for and know it won't come through.

Let's wait now. My Iranian friend is supposed to come to Israel and of course I am willing to help her as much as I can. I will subdue the hurt my own children have caused me and take on this new 'mission'.

I look forward to it as well. My brave Iranian sister is acting upon my words.... like: wanting change and making change happen. I wish I would have her courage. Or only a one hundreth percent of it...

today I went walking again (what else can i do? nobody from my so-CALLED "family' here are interested in how I feel or spend my days) and following here are the photos of the truly magnificent sights I spotted, while this, I think, is my way of connecting to God.

in a truly deserted part of the park... what's the name of this bird?
same question:
and him turning his ass on me:


it maybe cannot been seen on this photo but the stem of this tree truly resembled a harp...

Sandpiper (I think)

Sandpiper playing kookoo with me :P

A feather that looked like it had a face drawn on it when I saw it but not now that I look at it at the photos...

The white breasted kingfisher (or white throated) again wanting to show off, hahaha

and, of course, the original magnificently beautiful Kingfisher was around as well this morning...

I'm worried about my baby :( The juvenile black crowned night heron looks so skinny and I also never see her or him catch any fish :(

The "whatever rat' (wrongfully by all israeli's seeing him called a lutra) was around and about again. this time he fancied some rolls people threw at him;

Share my beauty, but make efforts in obtaining that... that's what this dragonfly seems to say... and I made lots of efforts (have tens of photos trying to capture this magic moment in picture) and you decide whether I succeeded or not:

Another week in where I go on doing what I am obliged to do but with an aching heart since the real and only reason I am here turned their backs on me :(

shevua tov.

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  1. The bird on top of the pictures is een koolmees ( Parus major), actually like you I do see a bearded face in the second feather- picture.

    Nice pictures.