03 August 2012

Frame of Mind (and Heart... mostly)

I take back what I wrote on July 27th. I do NOT wish anything bad upon my "ex". Though he has manipulated (very sleekly and obviously not to be acknowledged by the person whom he did this to) the love of my life and  reason for existence away from me... I STILL won't fall into his cull pit of being a bad person. I won't lower myself to that level because I am responsible only and ALONE over my OWN actions, thoughts and wishes. And I refuse to being lured into his level. So, herewith, I am correcting myself from my July 27 posting here and want to say that

I wish only the best for him.

Hopefully that won't come anymore on account of my own happiness. But even if so: I KNOW from all my heart that the one who will be paying for that finally won't be me.

So, "Ex", be well, be healthy, be happy. And enjoy the hurt you are causing me.

I WON'T go down. No matter how much you try.

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