27 April 2012

Yesterday morning.... today's morning...

Yesterday morning went to the Duck's Pound amongst other things to give Klaas a good, decent long, walk. Took pictures. I think they came out well. I was having a good time though I knew time was limited since I had to be at Daughter's place at a certain hour in order to go and have "b.b.q." at her in-laws place.

The pictures:

A gorgeous flower I wish I knew the name of. It smells like heaven and like a scent I know since time "immemorable" (or something like that, in any case: like since I remember myself).

This is the same flower. Probably when it's reached adulthood.
If anyone who's "following" me on this blog (I saw there are such people) know the name of this flower I would LOVE to have him or her tell me...

Now we get into the "bathing time" - a situation I can't resist taking photos of because my heart becomes totally mellow when see acts like this:

And the Sparrow sitting near me as if saying: "Ain't I beautiful enough to take a picture of?" - Which, of course, he is :)

This Parrot isn't one of the regular ones flying around here. The regular ones have a ring around their neck. This one has not and besides has blue feathers in this wings...

And, while bathing, the ChifChaff who shared his bath and him had an intense look at each other...
(which, lucky me, I caught on camera)

Mr. Night Heron was shaking and vibrating in order to clean his feathers and this -rather queer- photo is the result:

And here he is again -so at least he leaves a dignified impression as of the way he normally looks:

This little, and very agile, birdie thought it was breakfast time and the Bottlebrush tree's flowers looked delicious to him:

This tree was cut short. Obviously. But on the stem sprouts started growing. Nature is so beautiful. It holds my breath each and every time I have the time to concentrate on it. Survival.... Even vegetable growings seem to know the name of the game:

AND THEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The hateful message:

"don't come over here anymore"

What shall I do?? I am sick and tired of being held hostage because of my loving emotions.

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  1. OK, I now know the name "Honeysuckle" (Japanese Honeysuckle to be precise).