25 January 2012

Uncertain future.... the streets are waiting for me....

And, so, I've been told that the job I'm working at isn't going to exist anymore, some time around April. At the age of 55 it is practically impossible to find another job. Unless one can afford to work for wages that won't even pay the purchase of dry bread.

I'm very upset. It is worse because for my employer I really think it's the best thing she can do - she's totally falling apart since her parents died within one year of each other.

So, though I'm very happy for her... I also am very fed-up with the fate I encounter in this life. All the time struggling. First with a partner, then with letting go of the partner and then with the financial implications such as being scared to death to end up in the streets.

Why do I have such bad luck in my life?? What have I done wrong??

I'm sooooo sad. SOOOOOOOOOOO sad ---- and so terribly, TERRIBLY, afraid :(

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