12 January 2012

Photos of last Shabbat

First I found this mosquito with his rainbow wing on my fridge. Who could have thought those annoying insects can be so beautiful?

I then noticed the eruption out of these gorgeous liquid diamonds at a fountain on the way to the Nemaal:

I-Spy (based on the old-fashioned spionnetjes we adjusted near our windows when I was child) - twice. Once in the park and the second at the Nemaal.

Both H. and me took pictures of each other with the stunning sunset as our decorum:

but it seems H. caught the sun touching my shoulder as if to contact me:

As the sun set:

there were all kinds of activities going on like the moon showing that a "blue moon" isn't a fairy tale:

and this man, of whom I made a photo in 2008 as well, walking on a thin rope, standing out because he seems to give himself over to the sunset:

the reflection of the sunset in the showcase windows of a restaurant on the boulevard:

artificial colored lights lighted up outside restaurants to attract people... making it "cosy" I suppose?

while looking away from your left side to the right the sun still didn't wanna let go of the day he just passed and projected his rays into the upcoming night - making for a gorgeous red aura:

and then, finally, when he (the sun) moved on to treat other parts of the world with his presence, the English Jail (at the beginning of the 20th century it was at least) lighting up the part of Jaffa that sorta seem to stick out into the sea:

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