17 September 2011

Sleepness night, still no early morning

Instead that I get out of the house early since anyway I didn't sleep during the night so I was awake already I left only at around 08:00 a.m. Oh well. It was a nice walk but also irritating. Klaas doesn't like long walks or he doesn't like the sun or he doesn't like to stand still so I can take pictures but, whatever it is, he starts crying when standing still for longer than 1 minute. So I'm thinking about not taking him with me anymore during walks.... He janked my arm many times when I needed to keep it very still while taking a picture. Also since Israelis discovered bicycles -not very long ago- they suddenly think they're king of the road because they expect you to suddenly jump aside when they have to pass. They never heard of getting off their bicycles because you are in their way. And, I'm talking pavement here, there hardly are any bicycle paths. Verrrrry annoying.

OK, I've got that off my chest now :P


the beautiful dragonfly (they're in all colors but these red ones look so very passionate)

a feather. feathers always make me wonder which bird they come from..

the beautiful eucalyptus torquata tree from just over the bridge into the entrance of the park is totally destroyed. I saw huge patches of what I thought were seeds on its trunk and branches. When I touched it, it moved..... they're insects :(

a little sparrow just having picked up a bread crumb and about to fly off with it:

as klaas and I sat down in the shade under a tree this cat came our way and laid down exactly on the stair underneath klaas. she looked up at him complaining about that (by barking at her) but she couldn't care less and made it clear she wanted to be close to klaas. a strange phenomenon...

this unfortunate bee or wasp or whatever it is got annoyed by the camera lense that I held practically on him and decided he wanted to attack it. I didn't want to upset him more than he was already (he obviously was unable to fly anymore) so didn't take the time to experiment so I'd maybe get a better photo of him:

the next are a series of photos of the cormorant that stayed here over summer and couldn't join the rest of the group migrating because he had a fishing line around his leg which made it impossible for him to fly. he was eventually released from that line and must have decided it was too late to join the others. I was very happy to see him again because that means he's doing OK

this last photo is of foxtails and i photoshopped it a lot just for fun:

today I also received advice from my photo hero Eyal Bartov (I am in love with his photos) just that I don't completely understand what he means since I'm no good with photography terms, bleehhhhh.


  1. Klaas feels himself neglected.

  2. What advice did Eyal give you?