04 September 2011


Went to the beach alone this Friday. It was w.o.n.d.e.r.f.u.l. The sea was WILD and though I rather prefer laying on my back floating on its peaceful waters these days, those angry waves still attract me a lot. I didn't want a wave to "hit me" (break down on me) again so at first I stayed close to the beach but... slowly, slowly I entered his waters deeper and deeper. With small, silver colored with black back striped fish flashing around me (and not being afraid at all) I let the gentle rise of the wave before it bursts into a break carry me up and down.... Until: I looked over my head and there was this wave about 3-4 meters away from me that was swelling up more and more so that I had to look UP real high and knew it was going to come to down on me real hard --- but there was nothing I could do.... running away was impossible.

And yes, he hit me full force: it threw me circling around my own ax to the bottom of the sea and only when I hit that bottom I knew what was up and what was down and left or right. Of course it didn't leave any marks on me but the sheer violence of that hit had me shaking (not from fright orso, but from the force).

On Shabat I only went for a little walk with Klaas (from 08:00 till 10:30) to the Duck's Pound and that was it. Not a very exciting weekend but then I am starting to get used to that. Anyway there's nothing that can lift my spirits at this time other than a solution to the 3 major causes of my pain.


A Kingfisher landed not far from me and before he could realize I was there I had taken a pic of him:

The water (and its 'falls') make me dream away. This photo shows a little bit of how I see those stars splashing away from its homogeneous substance and enjoy a split second of individual fame before returning to the mass that makes it whole again:

Same over here, but now not in 'star' form but bubbles:

And, of course, the sunbathing fish were around as well:

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  1. The Kingfisher .................amazing!