22 January 2011

Life's turbulences

And, so, I have to re-cap yet again. But let's start from (just before) the 'end' (meaning latest).

Yesterday I traveled to Jerusalem because I felt like going there. The place near the Western Wall ALWAYS blows a sense of relativity in me and makes me feel good. So, that's the first place I went to after I arrived in that city.

Photos are here, with caption for me to remember later on how it felt like

The first is the one of me looking up the Western Wall from the place I was standing at the women's quarters and touching Its transpiring relaxation cool with my forehead and heart... There are feathers and notes people stuck in the Wall there... but the feeling I had can obviously not be photographed or described:


More photos:

I sat down on the stairs a bit away from the Wall and let the sun warm my face while the truly cool wind made I felt comfortable and relaxed (like I can't feel in any other place but there). However, of course, an annoying Israeli near me started to phone whoever it was he phoned and talk about money. MONEY - the fake god most Israelis are mesmerized about and subjugating to. So, I picked up my things and went to the Arab Shuk where I thought I would find a pair of natural lamb skin made house-slippers.

Forget about it :-( Even they have become 'modern' and are selling synthetic stuff now. Well, it's good I still know what's good and what's not because this wave of synthetic stuff doesn't fool me. Even when some very clever advertising and subliminal indoctrination leads people to spend their money on it. It's rubbish talked into being something one should have. Not me!

So, that was a disappointment.

I went away from there and walked through the decadent outside new shopping mall only to find the thing that evoked my emotions right outside of it, at the end. A statue of a man comforting a girl. I don't know why but it caused me to feel totally emotional. And - right near it - is the Yitro passage saying (amongst other things0 people shouldn't erect statues....

the photo of the statue:

On my way back to the Central Station I noticed a festival going on in the Midrachov for Tu-Bshvat. Here are two clips and some photos I took of this event:


The following is a photo I thought was funny because of what I thought when seeing them pass "Stocking up for Shabbat"

Also, on my way back to the C.S., the 'train' (having been planned for over decades and I am still wondering why in a city even more stuck in traffic jams than Tel-Aviv is one decides to build such a line above rather than underground)..... passed for test driving. People around me went silent as the train passed...


Anyway, that was yesterday. Today.........

has the 'regular' bunch of photos. The same/same (for who's not me) - but each and every time I am enjoying the outdoors as if like anew. Klaas and me left this morning at around 09:00 only to return at 15:30 - in which time we walked only having a rest at 'my mezah' for about half an hour.

The photos:

MUSHROOMS I have never seen before at the Park:

There was this young "yuppie" mother walking around with her two little children explaining that 'this' is the path for bicycles and 'that' is the path for pedestrians (looking at me walking at the bicycle path) who tore out one of the mushrooms I had just photographed to have for her children. The twit didn't tell her children that one shouldn't interfere with nature and tear out what it chooses because one would like to have it. I was terribly angry with her but she will never know because I walked on as if she was nothing.

Some more photos of today:

Looking up at the skies I noticed this fighterplane and its trail:

This seagull who was having a hard time finding a place to rest on one of the poles on the side of the Yarkon river (due to that they were all occupied by other gulls)

This gorgeous flower - I still don't know its name of:22-01-2011-flower

This tiny flower I also don't know the name of and I photographed my hand next to it in order to have some sense of indication how small it actually is:

The Cormorants who are on trail again heading south. I will miss them.

And this gorgeous Bird of Paradise growing in the garden of one of the apartment buildings on the road to Abba Hillel:


  1. I've never seen the Western Wall photographed from the angle of your first, wonderful photo, Tsedek. And when one's face is upturned towards the heavens as yours must have been, that's THE angle from which to snap it. Made me wonder why most people shut their eyes or look at their shoes when they're up close to it...