21 December 2010


in my never ending pursuit to preserve my photos online -and not have them disappear after 12 pages like in flickr- here are some of the photos I have shot since I last made an entry on my blog:

A Bird of Paradise starting to bloom. I never knew they are winter-flowering plants?

The basket which is, I suppose, a flower. First pic of one (rather dried up one) and the second of two youngsters:

Not all that clear to the eye but this field was covered in fallen oranges/clementinas. That's how the park greeted me last Shabbat. It looked really cheerful and made me feel happy:
The field:
One of the trees in it:

The cormorants are very much present these days. This one was fishing in the Yarkon river. And, I always thought they were sea-birds. Learning every day...

This is a picture of the "wound" of that tree I have placed photos of before when that wound was still very fresh. It is now slowly becoming like a rock:

On flickr I wrongly called this flower a Delonix Regia (Flame Tree) - but it is not. I noticed this myself when I compared photos I took of the Delonix Regia before. Still, it is a very cheerful flower:

This is a very tiny flower. The only flower in a hedge that stretched for a few meters. I wonder what it can be...

The fake Pomegranate pits again. I just can't get over it that I don't seem to be able to find out what they're called.

A fat cat I met during the walk on Shabbat:

Yet another kind of berries. These grow in the trees. I got one such tree standing outside of my window.

The Night Heron again. This time in what I think is a rather pleasant looking photo. Kinda a dream-effect.

One of the Cormorants in flight:

Cormorants in Dutch are called aalscholvers and they seem to be a pest for the fishing industry there.

The Pied Kingfisher concentrating on finding fish in the river. He toyed with me that day. Each time flying over my head very low but soon as I wanted to take a photo of him he was out of sight within a second. Repeatedly.

This tree is victim of the storm that was in Israel a week before. But, not only. It had torn apart from the master-stem by the fierce wind but only because it had already been weakened by sick people who used a hollow spot in that tree to barbecue in.

The home of a snail I found in the midst of the park. I think the snail was dead though as the second photo may show. At least it looked that way:

These are photos I also would like to know the name of the flowers of. The one in the first two photos is small and so soft looking (and feeling, I could hardly feel anything at - that's how soft it is) -

This one is a bit larger (about 4 cm) but also, again, as before with the white flower above, only one flower in a whole bunch of plants:


  1. The yellow "snowball" might be a sweet acacia.

  2. Wow, you are right :)
    Thank you ever so much for telling me!