12 March 2012

Over the moon. An expression used a lot by me lately

And so... everything turned out differently than it had presented itself. Thanks God all is OK and I am the happiest person alive now. I know I have a part of me yearning for something, or rather someone, I 'lost' tho not -thanksGod- physically. But, eventho he was the sun in my life he has changed so much I don't even recognize him anymore.

On the other hand: if he is happy (tho people tell me he looks sad) than I am happy. Even if I don't have to see him anymore. Even tho he was 'my life' for all of my life.

Last Shabat I walked. But not far. To the duck's pound and the working-out unit at the park. Here are the photos:

An airplane very, VERY, high over the skies:

Mr. O'Jay -as I call him:

Three times:

A tree in the park where luscious vegetation started growing against its stem:

A flower that was about to burst open, a new life. New life sincerely touches me lately. I wonder why? :D :D

A Pluisbloem (what the hell is this called in English?) scraping my senses for detail:

The "path" (rather a small strip of ungrown ground) Klaas and me took (away from the path that was constructed at the park)

And, of course, Mr. Kingfisher... with his specific squeal attracting my attention only to have him express to me "what are you looking at?"

Life's good. But I should keep my mouth shut. Because everytime I think like that (let alone utter it) things change for the worse. Maybe this time I change that routine :)

Hopefully the one I thought was "my life" will one time reconsider and return to be himself again instead of a copy of his father, whose character I sincerely detest.

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