23 October 2010

Unique deceit-after-summer... afternoon

Met up with one of my best friends. Sometimes one feels there's a special line of connection on the most basic emotions in life (tho on other fronts things might differ, which I don't really think is the case with this particular friend, but one knows the basic is the same).

And so... before setting out with one of the very few people I know personally who connects with me on such basic front (the "understand without words" kind of people) S., I first had to be retro-active making good on a mistake I made before leaving this week... (leaving = not only leaving work, but obligations - whether because of society's - and thus means for living - but also emotional obligations as well)

I forgot to take the Halah my daughter had baked and had given to me from work Thursday. One of my co-workers had set up a time I could come and enter the office (because I had given my keys to another co-worker who had been presented with a frantic job that had her have to come back in to the office on a Friday). It was 09:00 a.m.

Wayyyyyy before that (being who I am and wanting to be sure I let nobody down in the process of obtaining the object and formed a problem for their time-schedule) I started phoning both of them. Needless to say that, when I got no reply from both, I entered into a frenzy.

But, things turned out OK in the end and finally I was on my way to a "day off" (as I call the careless days I spent with S.).

Following are the photos...

Jaffa on a Friday afternoon:

A famous graffiti in Israel publicizing the tel. # for the 'rights for men' (during divorce cases and such) with the ruins of a beautiful house right behind it. Thus me calling this photo: "but what about the right to live decently?" - because in that respect there is a lot of injustice in Israel (for both Jews and other ethnicies but somehow this is distracted away from the public indoctrination here) than there is in any other country in the world:

We tried to get to a restaurant not pretentious enough for us to feel uncomfortable in. I suggested a restaurant that's not very nice with respect to the people performing its representative duties but very nice because it's located on the port of Jaffa. Right near the water. No place for us there.... So we didn't wait in line (which seems to have become a status symbol pretending to be 'in' ) but ventured out around the other side of the hall this restaurant is located in and in my Beachdiary (link to it in my previous post) I reported it was used as a fishhall where the daily fish collection was being placed) - This hall was turned into something else (arty now, as the prevailing rules) but connected to it I found this (much more interesting than the so-called 'exhibition' next to this hall):

After having visited the exposition of Ziv Koren: click here-- I found this striking and thought I would bend a twist to it:
Israeli security in the Gutters, I called this pic.

Now comes a series of photos that can only remotely relay the ambiance of the sunset yesterday evening..

Twilight Zones:

Staking out (as a real predator, behind the shades of a shack, having its (his) rod thrown out as bait... Gorgeous, no?

Some photos of the skies on fire:

Reaching high (the sea drops that is)

Some views of the nof (which means view, hahahaha)

And, a flower that seems to thrive near the sea front (though I also found it on "Rabbit's Hill"


  1. If I may ask, what is the use of the flag on the boulder, is there a dispute about it ( the rock) between Israel and some foreign country?

  2. No. I think it's there just because it can or else to "warn" small boats there are rocks so they won't bump into them.